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Carrie Galvan CPDT-KA Founder and CEO

My mission in life is to help aide in education, management, and training that will help our K9s live a happier life in the world we have domesticated them to.

Carrie Galvan CPDT-ka, CBCC-KA

I am a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant, certified by the Council of Professional Dog Trainers. I specialize in behavioral issues such as aggression and anxiety. I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and have been an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for many years. For more than 20 years I have worked closely with local dog rescue organizations in any capacity I can. I have also been an evaluator for the APDT C.L.A.S.S Program and for the National Therapy Dog Registry in the past. I spent three years volunteering on the Springfield, Missouri, Animal Issues Task Force where we revised, updated, and proposed many progressive animal ordinances; some of which have been passed by the Springfield City Council. I have spent countless hours helping to educate officials, and fighting for the equal rights of all breeds. After co-owning Side Kick Dog Training from 2014-2017, Precious K9s has become my dream, passion, and priority, second only to my children. My mission is to help you find positive ways to help your four-legged family member live and work in our two-legged world.

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​​​Private Consultations and Training Plans

​Sometimes you just need a professional to help guide you and your dog in the right direction. In our initial consultation I will help you understand your options so you are able to make a choice that fits you lifestyle. In our one-on-one sessions, we will implement a step-by-step training plan that moves you in the direction that makes life easier for you and your K9 family member.

​​​Precious K9s Therapy
PreciousK9s Private Consultations and Private Dog Training

​​​Dogs With a Job- This is a 8-week session in which each class is about 1 1/2 hours long. We will teach you valuable behaviors that are used in Animal-Assisted Therapy, talk about the different therapy programs available for you and your dog, and get practice in the field. Weeks 1-4 we will meet at Precious K9s, and Weeks 5-8 we will meet at different Hospice Compassus facilities. Give us a call to make sure you qualify for this course due to previous training, or to schedule a one-on-one evaluation. Evaluations are $50 and will be applied to course cost if it is decided it could be the right choice for your team. The Therapy Class will be $275 for the 8-week session, and you do have to pre-pay to hold your spot!
Become a Precious K9s Therapy Team Possible therapy certification options will be discussed in your 8 week class. You are always welcome to choose the therapy company you feel most comfortable with, or choose to not belong to one at all. Precious K9s just might be the match for you!

What is a Precious K9s Therapy Team? .PDF

Service Dogs and ESA’s

There are many ways for disabled individuals to obtain a service dog. Whether you purchase a fully trained dog, opt to be on a waiting list for one that is donated by a group specializing in your disability, or intend on training your own, it can take years to end up with the dog you need. It is recommended that you always do your research, save your money for training and care, and ask around for reviews on trainers and organizations. If you are headed in the direction of training your own dog, you should begin by looking at the American’s With Disabilities Act at www.ada.gov. When you meet the requirements, have researched the temperament a service dog should have, and understand the time and money involved, then give us a call. We can coach you when you are looking for a dog, or we can get you started on the training plan that fits your needs.


Our class roster is ever changing and growing. Please check the calendar for upcoming classes and descriptions. You never know what we might be teaching and what guest teachers we might have!

Private Puppy Sessions - Many people believe puppy class is the only way to get a new puppy socialized. It can be an amazing tool and a great stepping stone in your relationship with your new family member; however, there are many aspects to socialization. Let Carrie teach you about all aspects of socialization with Precious K9s’ private Precious Puppies Packages. These will allow you and your new puppy to go through a whole puppy class curriculum with your own personal coach. Skip large puppy classes altogether or get a jump start on your training with one-on-one coaching by calling today!

​​​Educational Services
Tinalynn and dog enjoying PreciousK9s Educational Services

​​​Would you like a professional to speak to your group of children or adults about K9 etiquette, the value of dogs in our lives, training their own family pet, dog language, etc? The sky's the limit! Give your children the options that could make all the difference in their lives.

PreciousK9s Private Consultations and Private Dog Training

​​​Fostering Your Foster Dog- This is a workshop designed to help you understand dogs and the ways to make their lives easier. If you foster or have been thinking of fostering, this will help set up you and your furry guest for success! If you would just love to learn more about dog language, this is the workshop for you! Check the calendar for workshop dates or call to schedule one for your rescue group.

Resource Guarding Management and Training- A workshop that will help you learn to manage positively train the K9 behavior of resource guarding. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

Fearful Dogs Learning to Live in Our Crazy World- This workshop is designed to help you help the fearful dog in your life. I will talk about possibilities of why they are the way they are and how we can help them. There will be live demos, and you will leave with some new training techniques up your sleeve. Whether the dog is living with you or just visiting, this will help you understand a little more about how to help them coexist with us in our crazy world. Check calendar for upcoming dates.

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